A new edition of a 30’s Italian military parka

inspired by adventure


THE BOLD PARKA is a tribute to the surprising life of Ardito Desio, one of the greatest italian adventurers, a fine journalist, scientist and hiker. Driven by a constant and irresistible spirit of knowledge, he achieved significant goals in the field of scientific research and hiking. At that time parka was beginning to be a symbol, the item created to defend from cold weather, rain and mud, the transgressive and damned brother of the classic wool coat! THE BOLD PARKA represents the synthesis of this concept of life, made of curiosity, courage and performance.


The Bold Parka PRJ-01 is a new edition of a 30’s original Italian military parka we jealously keep. It was a masterpiece of the adhoc collection so that we decided to make a separate monoproduct collection out of it. The Bold Parka PRJ-01 takes from Ardito not only the name, but also bravery, desire of exploring and curiosity, founding values of the brand.

tech spec

Our parkas are padded with 90/10 quality feather and all the fabrics are finished with a special membrane which make them waterproof, breathable, no wrinkled and easily packable in a suitcase to take-out without signs. The inside removable hood can be used as a scarf and change the look of your parka letting you make different colour combinations. The inside belt, when you don’t wear it, let the contemporary globetrotter free to handle his trolley or his device and it is removable too; inside the inner pockets you can put whatever you need to pass through the metal detector at the airport!

If I had to travel the world for all my life, studying and working, even at the cost of the greatest hardship and the most bitter sacrifices, I would be a happy man!

Ardito Desio (1897-2001)