A new edition of the 30’s Italian military parka.

THE BOLD PARKA is a new edition of a 30’s original Italian military parka and it is a tribute to the surprising life of Ardito Desio, one of the greatest Italian adventurers, a fine journalist, scientist and hiker. Driven by a constant and irresistible spirit of knowledge, he achieved significant goals in the field of scientific research and hiking. THE BOLD PARKA represents the synthesis of his concept of life, made of curiosity, courage and performance. ->

removable windproof shield system

Hands-free shoulder straps

Easy-pull buckle

Suitable in adverse weather conditions

THE BOLD PARKA is padded with 90/10 quality feather and all the fabrics are finished with a special membrane. It is warm, waterproof and breathable.


All the fabrics are finished with a special membrane that makes them 100% waterproof.


The jackets are padded with 90/10 feather that makes them warm and breathable.


The removable windproof shield system (RWS) protects you in windy days.


Waterproof membrane, 90/10 featther and RWS make the parka suitable even in stormy weather.